Africa Gender Bonds Toolkit Dissemination workshop

Date: 19th – 20th February 2024

FSD Africa, FSD Network Gender Collaborative Programme, British International Investment (BII) and UN Women will co-host a two-day Gender Bonds Toolkit dissemination event on 19th and 20th February 2024. The event kicks off on Monday 19th February 2024 with a high-level breakfast meeting to launch the toolkit and subsequently segue into a
toolkit deep-dive and hands-on training on gender bonds.

The toolkit guides public and private sector bond issuers and investors through preparatory, pre-issuance, and post-issuance phases, offering a practical step-by-step reference for issuing Gender Bonds to advance social outcomes in the African capital markets.

The dissemination event features key insights from gender bond issuers, investors, second-party opinion providers, regulators, and industry leaders. Leading experts on capital markets and gender lens investing (GLI) covering bond issuers, anchor investors, regulators, government officials, exchanges, and more will share insightful perspectives. Some of the
guest speakers include:

  • Andia Chakava — Director, 2X Global
  • Anastasia Kimtai – Chief Executive Officer, Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) Kenya
  • Kampeta Sayinzoga — Chief Executive Officer, Rwanda Development Bank (RDB)
  • Marypat Thenell Smucker — Principal, Research and Content, Parallelle Finance
  • Angela Atherton — Principal, Operations and Strategy, Parallelle Finance
  • Yasser Mounsif – Head of Corporate Finance and Financial Disclosure Department, Autorité Marocaine du
  • Marché des Capitaux (AMMC) Morocco
  • Laetitia Hamon- Head of Sustainable Finance, Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LuxSE)
  • Khetsiwe Dlamini – Executive Director and Senior Partner, Triple C
  • Kibii Sisulu – Senior Manager, Sustainable Corporate Solutions, Sustainalytics
  • Dr. Evans Osano – Director, Capital Markets, FSD Africa

and many more…

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