ESG Integration in the African Insurance Industry

The recently approved NDSI strategy is to simultaneously move large numbers of members towards greater sustainable insurance maturity via a segmented capacity-building approach.

To support this segmented capacity-building approach, the NDSI risk carrier signatories (i.e. insurers and reinsurers) have been divided into three broad segments representing different stages of the sustainability journey:

  1. Early stage: Looking to take first steps on ESG
  2. Maturing: Have started to integrate sustainable insurance principles into the business, but still learning
  3. Advanced: Implementing a sustainability strategy aligned with governance, targets and reporting

The broad capacity building approaches that NDSI have identified for each segment are as follows:

  • Segment I: Learning and development through webinars, knowledge materials and toolkits. Eventually the ambition is to create an online NDSI Academy.
  • Segments II & III: Working groups and technical assistance.

This consultancy is intended to support these various capacity building activities as well as some of the broader work of NDSI.