Empowering Growth: Catalyst Fund’s tailored support accelerated Sand to Green’s take-off

FSD Africa Impact
  • Combating desertification
  • Creating “climate-resilient regenerative farms”
  • Establishing profitable plantations for food, biofuels, and carbon credits.
Guelmim, Morocco
In just 3 years
Equally important, Sand to Green has garnered political support and established partnerships at regional, national, and international levels.

Catalyst Fund, with its experience in working with startups, extensive knowledge of the African market, and a robust network of high-quality consultants, proved to be the perfect partner for Sand to Green’s mission of transforming deserts into productive farmlands. Sand to Green, supported by FSD Africa through Catalyst Fund, is part of the four-year Catalysing Climate Resilience (CCR) Programme, accelerating climate resilience solutions in Africa. In the 11th cohort, Sand to Green received $100,000 in capital and tailored venture-building support.

Vital venture

The support was delivered through a series of workshops that streamlined operations, facilitated access to an investor network in Africa, improved the design of the agroforestry software under development, and clarified strategies for engaging with both upstream and downstream customers. To date, Sand to Green has successfully secured $1 million in seed funding.

The co-founders of Sand to Green, Benjamin Rombaut, Wissal Ben Moussa, and Gautier de Carcouet, emphasize the tremendous value derived from the tailored venture-building support. They attribute their accelerated progress to the customized assistance that aligns with their vision.

In just three years, Sand to Green has achieved remarkable milestones: testing and refining their agroforestry model on a 5-hectare site, securing a 30-hectare parcel along the Atlantic Ocean in the Guelmim Region, generating employment for eight individuals, and establishing a loyal customer base exceeding 100 clients. Notably, their annual turnover has surged from €30,000 in 2019 to well over €100,000 in 2020. Equally significant, Sand to Green has developed political
support and partnerships at regional, national and international scale.

With plans to start scaling up in two years, the organisation seeks 300-500ha of land over the next year. Because of its strong start, Sand to Green is assured of easy expansion locally and optimistic of smooth scaling up in other African countries. They network actively, forging synergies with other African startups and investors, believing “the continent is Sand to Green’s future.”

Sand to Green envisions a franchise model that encompasses a modelling software capable of designing highly profitable and impactful plantations worldwide, a training program empowering local farmers to adopt agroecological techniques, a monitoring platform to track and monetise impacts, and a revenue mix comprising carbon credits and agricultural earnings.

Sand to Green Team, Mr. Benjamin Rombaut, Ms. Romane, Mr. Gautier de Carcouet and Ms. Wissal Ben Moussa.
Sand to Green Team, r. Benjamin Rombaut, Ms. Romane, Mr. autier de Carcouet and Ms. Wissal Ben Moussa.