• Sexually Transmitted Infections educational presentations
This lesson is designed to provide students with basic information about sexually transmitted diseases/infections (STD) including transmission, symptoms, testing, treatment, and prevention.

• HIV Antibody Testing
Northern Utah Coalition offers HIV Counseling and Testing using the Clearview 15 minutes Rapid test that requires a finger-stick whole blood sample and results are ready during your same visit. All results for HIV must be given in person to protect your confidentiality. Suggested Donation $15.00.
• HIV/AIDS Services and Support for clients
Provide support to clients with bus tokens for medical and employment appointments, some rental assistance, and utilities. Clients are provided vouchers for clothes, household items, and other basic needs items. Space is provided for support groups and HIV counseling. We provide an Ogden’s Community Resource Referral Guide to each client that list services available in this area.

• Workshop to youth and young adults on self-esteem, boundaries, and responsibilities related to Sexually Transmitted Infection prevention issues
This workshop takes a personal approach to help girls ages 12-18 recognize and believe in their inner beauty. It promotes self-confidence, public speaking, self-esteem and overall excellence! By addressing issues ranging from peer pressure to body image, the participants learn the importance of carrying themselves with grace and dignity, with emphasis on the importance of self-respect and self-worth.

• Harm Reduction street outreach to at-risk individuals.
The Coalition has an outreach worker that targets the hard to reach high-risk populations that include; Hispanics and African Americans. The outreach workers distribute harm reduction materials, educational materials, and referral information. Over twenty condom drop-sites are maintained in the Ogden area.

• Two Weekly 12 Steps Nicotine Anonymous Support Group
Nicotine Anonymous is a group of individuals helping each other to live nicotine-free lives. We offer group support and recovery using the 12-Steps adapted from Alcoholics Anonymous. Nicotine Anonymous is FREE!! Requirement to attend is a desire to stop using nicotine

• Workshop to youth and young adults on tobacco and tobacco related issues
This presentation helps teens understand why they smoke and helps them develop the skills, confidence, and support they need to quit. Each participant completes an E-Cigarette survey. Teens learn the skills they need to tackle tough problems such as nicotine withdrawal, cravings to smoke, and peer pressure to continue smoking. Also deals with other issues that are important to teens, such as how to control weight after quitting, how to manage stress in healthy ways, and how to communicate effectively.

• Senior Medicare Program
The Coalition Target populations include seniors and disabled individuals in our area who are underserved, vulnerable, isolated, and/or non-English speaking Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries, and caregivers. We provide free thirty minutes to an hour educational presentations on Medicare fraud and identify thief to organizations in the Weber and Davis counties.

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