Buy assignment online   Learning about your partner. You can’t tell if someone is infected with HIV by their appearance. Ask your partner to be tested.
Abstaining from sex or drugs is the only way to be 100% safe from HIV/AIDS
Avoid sharing needles buy new ones, disinfect used ones with bleach and water repeating the process three times
Use a latex condom with a water base lubricant every time you have sex.

Happy Couple

Young Couple


There is now cure for HIV or AIDS.
HIV and AIDS can be prevented.
You can take control of your health by having you and your partner take the HIV test.


Every Monday from 4:00 t0 6:00 p.m. for HIV and HEP C

HIV/Hepatitis C Testing
Northern Utah Coalition offers HIV /HEP C Counseling and Testing using the 20 minutes Rapid test that requires a finger-stick whole blood sample and results are ready during your same visit. All results for HIV/HEP C must be given in person to protect your confidentiality. Suggested Donation $15.00.

  Call me 801-393-4153 or e-mail if you have questions.